The porcelain tumbler extremely well received among Parisians for enhancing the aroma of green tea. The ARITA Salon de Thé Report

Bonjour! This is to report on the ARITA Salon de Thé event held last Sep in 2014, at the Paris branch of Jugetsudo. Founded in 1854, Maruyama Nori is the Japanese tea specialty store, and Jugetsudo Paris was opened as its first overseas branch store in Paris in 2008 to convey the beauty of Japanese culture and the essence of Japanese tea to the world.

The manager prepared and served the powdered green tea on the counter made of a solid timber from Japanese cypress for the customers who visited the store for a relaxing break.

The ARITA Salon de Thé was opened during the three limited days where sweets handmade by Franco-Japonais cooking expert Ms. Laure Kié, who is a great collaborator in this project, were served on ware from ARITA PORCELAIN LAB.

In order to prepare freshly baked sweets in time for the opening hour, Ms. Laure Kié is engaged in making sweets from early morning, using the kitchen of her friend’s house located within walking distance of Jugetsudo.

The delicious tarte au citron (lemon tart) using the high-quality powdered green tea from Jugetsudo, which is also used in the sweets prepared in the five-star hotel Hotel George V.

The delicious tart was highly praised by the customers, who are accustomed to delicious sweets in Paris, the home of all kinds of sweets.

This is a light-tasting cheesecake using brevis made from goat milk. The crust part contains abundant ground roasted black sesame seeds and looks savory and healthy. The framboise (raspberry) also looks bright and beautiful on the dessert plate Namitsuru by Arita Porcelain Lab.

After enjoying sweets and tea served on porcelain ware from ARITA PORCELAIN LAB, the visitors were ushered to the exhibition and sale area held at the underground Chazen gallery.

Among the ARITA PORCELAIN LAB products, the pestle tumblers were the most popular items with the visitors and its long body was well received for enhancing the aroma of green tea.

Meanwhile, people who were familiar with the traditional Arita porcelain characterized by the patterns drawn in bright red and blue inks on a white background were very surprised by the modern and simple design of ARITA PORCELAIN LAB series.

From the privileged location forming part of the Saint German quarter, which is known for its luxury boutiques and high-end stores, I hope that our ARITA PORCELAIN LAB will fly high, spread its wings and become a global player just like Jugestudo, which continues to disseminate Japanese culture through highly fragrant green tea.

At Jugetsudo Paris, you can taste delicious green tea and the sweets served on the porcelain ware from the ARITA PORCELAIN LAB. Please come and visit us anytime you visit Paris.

It is said that in Paris more and more people have the pleasure of enjoying sweets accompanied by a cup of Japanese tea. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to realize the ARITA Salon de Thé and create a delicious and beautiful place of relaxation with the support of Jugetsudo in Paris, which is home to and a veritable palace for sweets aficionados and pâtissiers around the world. I greatly appreciate the collaboration from Jugetsudo, which has sparked the boom for Japanese green tea in Paris.

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