The Straight-Cutting MAC Edge

The characteristic MAC edge is a hybrid between the traditional Japanese single beveled chisel edge (Kataba) and the Western V shaped edge (Ryoba), but slightly off-center, with an angle around 45.5 degrees.  This edge is extremely versatile with the ultimate combination of sharpness and control, allowing both thin slicing and straight cuts.

Superior Craftsmanship and Design

MAC stain-resistant knives are entirely produced by professional craftsmen in Seki City, renowned for superior sword manufacturing since the Middle Ages.  MAC blades are made from rust-resistant Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium High-Carbon cutlery steel, with Tungsten added to selected models for extra durability and sharpness.  Blades are hand-ground, and hand-sharpened on water-cooled stones to optimize the quality of the finished blade.  The thin razor-sharp blades are sharper and stay sharp longer than other leading knife brands.  The steel has optimal hardness between 57º and 61º Rockwell C and is still easy to re-sharpen.


1. World's Sharpest

MAC knives' legendary razor-like edges are sharper than those of any major cultery manufacturer.  One slice with our knives and you will experience for yourself the true definition of sharpness.


2. Effortless Slicing

MAC knives feature thin, flexible blades which glide effortlessly through fruits, vegetables, meats, & fish.  Other knives, especially those of forged construction, have thick, stiff blades which actually "wedge" in the cut and must be forceably pushed through to complete each slice.


3. Stays Sharper Longer

MAC knives have been hardened to 57-61 degrees Rockwell C. Other knives are "softer" and consequently the edges change shape and dull more quickly in use.  By properly tempering the steel, the blade gains springiness which helps reduce the formation of a burr along the edge.


4. Easy To Maintain

Though MAC knives are hardened to maintain an edge well, they are not hardened to the point where they become brittle or difficult to sharpen.  Harder steels and ceramic knives tend to chip more easily and are difficult to sharpen.  MAC knives are known to be very easy to sharpen using just the Rollsharp.


5. Less Fatigue

MAC knives are light in weight, perfectly balanced, and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue during your cutting chores.  The design of the MAC knive is so unique that it has received numerous awards and is patented around the world.


6. Value

No matter how expensive the knife, there are none better than the MAC knives. Yet our knives are reasonably priced and with proper care and maintenance, they will provide many, many years of exceptional service.

Product Catalogue

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MAC knife catalogue
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Professional Series

Currently our most popular series, the Professional Series features a thin 2.0-2.5mm blade for less wedging into cuts and an added bolster on the handle for weight and balance.  Most of the knives in this series are made with our Original steel with the exception of the MSK-65 and MTH-80 which use the Superior steel.  The weight of the bolster in combination with the thin blades makes these knives extremely well balanced in the center of your hand when using a Chef's grip; allowing you to cut through most foods using minimal effort.  Except for the MTH-80, MSK-65, and MSL-105 which feature elevated handles, these knives have traditional European shapes with a straight handle and pointed tip.

Chef Series

The Chef Series has 2.0-2.5mm thin blades made with our original molybdenum steel.  These knives are shaped with many traditional European shapes with a handle that is straight (in line with the spine of the blade) and has a pointed tip.  Due to their light-weight nature, these knives can make quick work out of almost any food.

Non-stick Series