Attract the Parisians to the Collaboration of ARITA×SUSHI×SAKE!

Bonjour! Here I am reporting on ARITA SUSHI BAR, held at the Discover Japan event in Paris last Sep in 2014.
First of all, I will guide you to the store, Discover Japan, now displaying a full line of works including, typically, the JAPAN series offered by ARITA PORCELAIN LAB, which enjoyed a good reputation at Maison et Objet.

One example on display at the window is the advancing Arita ware, which is comparable to the traditional Imari style, and is a métier for Yazaemon kiln with DNA inherited by ARIA PORCELAIN LAB.

Ms. Laure Kié, a Japanese French cuisine professional, featured in our August issue, entertains the shoppers with her handmade Makizushi on the spot. 

Customers glued to Kié’s hands demonstrating the skillful cooking of Makizushi

Customers just passing by stopped there, their eyes fixed on the demonstration

“Bienvenue! Voulez-vous gouter le Saké japonais avec Maki Sushi?”

Japanese Sake is jointly sponsored by Amabuki Shuzo Co., Ltd., Mitsutake Co., Ltd., and Munemasa Shuzo Co., Ltd., all sake breweries in Saga Prefecture.

Carefully choose ingredients of Makizushi depending on which Japanese Sake to go with, and select a plate to serve it on.

ARITA PORCELAIN LAB’s campaign, “Taste your Japanese Sake with an elegant Pestle Tumbler” ignited popularity, making it a quick best-seller!

“It’s delicious! Japanese Sake is easier to drink than I expected. I mean, I thought the alcohol was so strong. But actually, it’s good to know that you can drink it like wine”, “Naturally, it’s Japanese Sake that should go with Sushi. No doubt about it, because they are made of the same raw material, rice”. We received many favorable comments that suggested the possibility of Japanese Sake gaining popularity in France.
Inside the Store, brisk with customers even after dark.

Tired, but still feeling comfortable, a sense of achievement after the roaring success of the day, every staff member said “Kanpai! (Cheers!)” with smiles all round. ARITA PORCELAIN LAB products also sold very well! Our heartfelt thanks to all those who kindly cooperated with us.

The collaboration of food and Arita-yaki does work in this land of good food, France. We are going to make more exciting events in the future. Stay tuned for our next report coming next month! (^ ^) A bientôt!

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