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Japan Cosmetic Center was founded to help bring businesses in the cosmetics industry and associated employment opportunities to Saga Prefecture, particularly to the city of Karatsu and the town of Genkai, and to communities throughout northern Kyushu by putting in place a business environment suited to the cosmetics sector through partnership among industry, academia, and government; spurring economic activities that utilize regional resources by stimulating exchanges among diverse human resources and bringing together technologies; and building structures to promote their application to the global market. My mission is to assist B to B meetings and support business TIE-UP of the Japanese members companies with European cosmetics companies.


Organization name Japan Cosmetic Center


 Alban Robert Muller


'November 11, 2013*Became a general incorporated association on April 1, 2015.



6th floor, Oteguchi Center Building 1-1 Minamijonai, Karatsu-shi, Saga Prefecture 847-0013 Phone:+81(0)955-53-8701 Fax:+81(0)955-72-9203

Cosmetic Raw Material Development Lab

2nd floor, Saga University Center for Education and Research in Agricultural Institution 152-1 Shonan-cho, Karatsu-shi, Saga Prefecture 847-0021


202 members (182 full members and 20 supporting members)*As of June 27, 2017

JCC vous invite à rencontrer et prendre rendez-vous avec nos exposants japonais au salon COSMETIC 360

Véritable carrefour d'échange et de découverte de l'innovation, COSMETIC 360 est un lieux pour s'ouvrir aux dernières innovations et aux services de la beauté de demain. Toutes les formes d'innovations sont concernées, JCC vous invite à découvrir et promouvoir l'innovation à tous les niveau de la filière parfumerie cosmétique :

  • Matières premières
  • Formulation,
  • Emballage,
  • Tests et Analyses,
  • Produits finis,
  • Distribution au Japon

Nos exposants membres JCC

Hoshi Corporation

We make high quality cushion compact foundation at low price in our factory in Indonesia.

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Sakura Kouji Lab.

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Iwase Cosfa Company Introduction.pdf
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Musakai & Tsubaki by Saga University

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Toyo Ceramics Co. Ltd.

Toucera Catalogue 2017.pdf
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