12. mai 2015
President Matsumoto of Arita Seiyo Co., Ltd. wants to inform people throughout the world of the excellence of Arita porcelain, while my desire is to spark a resurgence of the Arita porcelain on which Japan prides itself in Europe. His conviction and my desire inevitably came together, and so over the six months we tried our best on the main stage of Paris, which is the global leader in luxury trends. We began by exhibiting at MAISON & OBJET in September.

25. avril 2015
In this issue, I’d like to tell you about my passion for Arita porcelain (Aritayaki) with my resolutions for this year 2015! Aritayaki, a local industry representative of Saga Prefecture, will celebrate the 400th anniversary of its foundation in 2016.

22. avril 2015
As a project to mark the 400th anniversary of the founding of Arita pottery, Saga Prefecture exhibited craft products at Maison et Objet, one of the largest interior design international trade fairs in Europe, for the third consecutive year (starting last Sep in 2015) with the goal of rebranding Arita pottery and expanding its sales outlet in Europe.

20. avril 2015
ARITA PORCELAIN LAB, which is a brand of the “Yazaemon Kiln” under Arita Pottery, marks its 210th year in business this year. I went on a business trip to France in July in preparation for the MAISON & OBJET to be held in Paris in September where ARITA PORCELAIN LAB will display a line of products as an exhibitor.